Why Peace?

16/10/2012 blog

To me it seems to be rather simple. There are around 2.1 billion Christians in the world today and some 1.5 billion Muslims. The tension between the two religions must come to an end because there is just no way that either religion will just cease to exist. The alternative is an eternal conflict and to me that seems to be just plain

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stupid. If families with their children are to prosper and have good lives we need peace. We need to take a step back and reflect for a moment or two. Most people, if not all, are descent people. It really doesn´t matter with what name they call God. All religions I know of, or care to know of, have a peaceful approach to the fellow human being. Or at least should have if interpreted correctly. But that doesn´t really matter. They way I see it, each one of us who has a relationship with a higher power, should keep that relationship to ourselves and cherish that. To me, as a Christian, my relationship with God is my own. I don´t need to be told how to feel, how to act, in any given situation because my religion is just a framework of ideas. To me religion and my belief are not one and the same. My church won´t take responsibility for how I choose to act and live and I certainly don´t need that. On the other hand, since I´m free to make my own decisions, I get to choose how to approach

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what I believe is a higher power. And that is the core of it all I think. We all think these thoughts every now and then and some have stronger or different beliefs than others. And it doesn´t matter what your religion is. The important thing is that your beliefs aren´t made up by someone else. You need to make that for yourself because you are the one who will answer for it. And if all felt that responsibility we would be on our way to a better future. Will you join me on the ride? Will you make up your own mind?


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